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Contact Number: 053 474 0306
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Address: Station Street Senwes Silos Hartswater


P-Farm Snacks is a roasting and flavouring plant and has a well known product called JUST NUTS in stores country wide.  We recently added Peanut Butter to the already well known Just Nuts name and are currently investing in various different Peanut sweets, also under the Just Nuts Brand Name. 

The Just Nuts factory was established in 1994 by Vaalharts Agricultiral Cooperation.  Senwes Agricultural Cooperation bought out Just Nuts in 1997 and P-Farm Agents took it over in August 2006

At P-Farm Snacks, motivated staff put every effort in to ensure an excellent product on supermarket shelfs country-wide.  We keep clean surroundings and is currently busy upgrading the plant to PPECB Minimum Standards Quality.

P-Farm Snacks is trading our product under the name Just Nuts Flavoured Peanuts.  Just Nuts has eight unique flavours:


The groundnuts that we receive is packed in 50 kg polyprop bags from the sorting factory.  Attached to the bags are tags to ensure that tracebility of the nuts is possible.  All tags are kept on record so we can know exactly when and where product has gone to of each bag of peanuts we received.

All groundnuts received from the sorting factory complies to the quality regulations required by PPECB and because quality plays such an important role in the product that we supply, we can recommend our product with the greatest of ease to all new clients.

On receipt of the groundnuts in our factory, all product runs through a rotating sieve to ensure that only the larger kernels are used for roasting purposes. (smaller kernels can have an influence on the quality during roasting and are therefore sent back to P-Farm Agents.)  The larger kernels roast more evenly and ensure a better quality product for the end user.



Our products is of an outstanding quality.  Our goal is to become the most competetive company in the roasted flavoured peanut market.  From our sorting and shelling factory down to where the flavoured peanuts are packed, all equipment and product is of an outstanding quality.

Improvements inside our factory takes place on a daily basis to get the factory to standards approved by the PPECB and also HACCP.  Our goal is to be HACCP accredited before yearend 2009.

We also constantly expand our product range.  We are currently focusing on the Peanut Brittle market and just added Pecan Nuts to our range as well.  We are also looking into 100g Peanut Butter pouches and peanut butter mixtures with syrup, jam and honey.

We highly recommend our product and will gladly compare it to other market leaders in the industry. 

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